1935 Soviet 45x310mmR AT artillery cartridge

It says on it “Russland 1941/42.” It measures more than 200mm lengthwise. Any idea which calibre it is? Would “50” be 50mm? Also, I have problems reading that thing at 4 o’clock. Is ТПЗ = Тульский Патронный Завод? Somebody spent a LOT of time putting those dots around.

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Vlad, TPZ is correct.
The 50 definately is not the caliber.
The Russians do not mark their headstamps with the actual caliber.

What is the rim diameter?


Rim is 57.5mm.
Also, the thing at 4 o’clock resembles Russian cursive “ЗПП”, but it is upside down. Maybe it is Завод Патронного Порoха?

No it remains TPZ (Tula) and the ZPP is the inspector’s mark.

Your case was a 45x310R for the Russian AT gun series (basing on licences of the German 37x250R AT gun).


I look up internet images of 45x310R and found many saying “reproduction”. Is this calibre uncommon? I know that people make reproduction when the original ones are not available (i.e.rare).

Vlad, no, it is a very common caliber as it was the standard for about 2 decades and after it’s time in the AT role it kept on as a subcaliber device and saluting gun.

Maybe the reproduction referred to the projectiles?

Do you have links showing such offers?


Strange, at 65 Euro you may get an original here in Germany.
Is that a US based company? Then reproductions may make sense as importing such items may be a pain.
As movie props entirely fine but I wonder why a collector should buy something like that.

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I think if it were an American company, the prices would be in $$$.

don’t forget that some countries FORBID possession of such items even totally inert
the solid replica is the only legal way
like my “shit” country (france) ,i’m in very bad health condition and decided to no fight because of this country (i had the chance to see Andorra ,Switzerland and Brazil and there are very good comparated to france)
sorry for the off topic

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I heard about France, very sad indeed!
But then i would rather not have such stuff at all. Or like I do: collect documents.

Wish you well with your health!

Sorry to be off topic, but why is Andorra better than France? Or maybe a better question is “How bad is France”?

for sksvlad i send you a PM
for eod ,yes i leave collecting “mediums” ,only “small arms ammunition”

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cursive ИИЕ (IIE)


Yes, initials of the inspector of the Quality Department (first letters of a surname, name and patronymic)