1937 DWM Contract 7.92 Ammo?

Greetings to All.

I will always consider myself a relative novice in this forum when it comes to collecting vintage ammunition. This post and my questions might ever be irrefutable proof.

I have a 100-round box of 7.92mm ammunition that purports to be a DWM contract lot of “green-red” APT ranging tracer, dated 1937. The language of the box label is (I would understand) Portuguese.

I purchased this box many years ago. I simply put it away in my cartridge collection and did not pay much attention to it until very recently. Only then did it occur to me that the cartridges do not conform to German marking protocols of that era.

As I understand, German 7.92 APT (“S.m.K.L’Spur) of that era was marked by a black bullet tip and a red primer seal. The rounds in this box have no bullet tip color and have a black primer seal.

My questions:

  1. Is this ammunition indeed green-red ranging APT, produced in 1937 to some contract specifications without reference to prevailing German marking conventions?

  2. If not, might this ammunition instead be “P.m.K.” (as suggested by the black primer seal) that was somehow errantly packed. [Note: I am resisting the temptation to pull one of the projectiles to look for a soldered weep. I just don’t want to break up the box.]

Any information that might be provided here would be appreciated. A picture of the box and a round, and one of the headstamp, is attached.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I had this box up for auction on an internet site for a few days but yesterday I ended the auction. I took the auction down because I remain unsure whether it is APT or P.m.K. and I did not want to misrepresent it.

In all events I have looked long and hard on Google and have thus far found no answer to either question.

Accordingly, I am admitting here that I am meaningfully uninformed and am at this point respectfully considering this ammunition to be “7.92 WTF.”

All replies will be appreciated.

This is SmKL (vermilion) made for Portugal when they adopted 7.9 as their standard calibre in 1937, and DWM helped them set up the 7.9 manufacturing at AE.
I got my box of plain SmK at the same time as Century Arms was selling the Portuguese 7.9 inventory in rhe 1980s ( During GCA 68-86 US drought…).
We got a lot of very good Portuguese rifles and ammo. Not just 7.9, but .303 and 8x56R Krop…but No 6.5x58P at all!!!
Doc AV
Down under.