1939-1946 Win 9mm Luger ammo box with sticker overlay

I recently acquired a 1939-46 Winchester 9mm Luger box with a white sticker overlay across the top of the box that says “115 GR FULL PATCH BULLET K9004T” The original box was for 125 grain full patch bullets K9001T. In checking old catalogs, it appears that Western and Winchester changed the weight of their 9 mm Luger bullets from 125 grain to 115 grain in 1947 and in doing so the K-code changed from K9001T to K9004T. In 1947 a new style of boxes were introduced. Thus, a reasonable hypothesis is that my box actually came from the factory with the overlaying sticker as they tried to use up the old stock of boxes. Does anyone know whether Winchester actually shipped 9mm Luger boxes with these stickers? Thanks. Dagga Boy

Dagga Boy - I have never seen this box. Could you post a picture of it, to include of course the over label, so that we can have a photographic record of it for our files. Sounds like a great box - congratulations.