1940's Remington cartridge sample box?

Yesterday I saw an interesting cartridge sample or display box from Remington. I know I have seen this before, but could not locate it in a search… It was in a 7"x7"x1" light green two piece cardboard box with Remington on the top/lid. Inside were a collection of inert cartridges held in by small elastic/string loops. The cartridges were: 9x19mm ball, .45 ACP ball, .30-06 ball, tracer and AP and .50 Browning ball, tracer and AP. The .30-06 were all headstamped “R A 40” with the heavy “British contract” primer crimp and the .50 Brownings were all headstamped “REM-UMC .50 CAL.” (to the best of my recollection). What exactly is the collection? Salesman’s sample? Presentation souvenir for visitors to the Remington plant? Something else? When was it made? The item once belonged to an engineer who worked for Remington in the 1950’s, which is all the provenance I could get. The box was in 80% or better condition and the cartridges were in pristine condition. Are these common? What have you seen them sell for? The owner brought this into the local gun shop to try and sell, but wanted an outrageous amount of money for them. When he returns, what is a fair offer for the item? The shop owner is only interested in this item for display in his store, but if he can buy it right and then sell it to a collector for a profit, he might.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


The .50 headstamp was 40 or 41, depending. It was a salesman’s sample kit. They used to be pretty common, $50 item, but like all things have pretty much disappeared and prices have skyrocketed. I’ve seen 2 variants, one of each caliber, .50, 30-06, 45, etc. All Ball, then one with Ball, AP & Tracer variants of the calibers.

Thank you for that. I don’t recall there being a date on the .50 caliber cartridges, just the commercial looking headstamp. I did not want to disturb the cartridges or risk damaging the elastic loops, so I may not have seen the entire headstamp. Is there a commercial headstamp, sans date for this caliber?


some were just rem-umc 50 cal. some were RA 1940 50 CAL. some even had the RA 1941 50 Cal Z (indcating UK contract) All were polished, lacquered, with a small hole in the primer.