1942 Artillery Casing. Any information would be appreciated

Hi Everyone, i came into possession of a 1942 Ammunition Casing. I am new to this area, but i got this from a family member who passed away and left this to me.

Whats the length of it and whats the calibre? Also were do you think it came from (nation)?

I am by far no expert but it looks naval.

And british

Blockhaj - I am in . Australia. The Length is 15.5 cm in length and 4.5cm in diameter at the top and 5.5cm at the base. I think its a Mortar Shell but i have no idea. It has markings on the outside of the shell, but they have been added by hand as hand art. Its says: A-I-F, then down one side its says FINCHHAFEN, Oct 1943 then 9th Division.

I think its a 2-pounder pom pom aa gun but that one is 40 mm i caliber.

here is a 40x158 pom pom casing

I cannot find anything on australia using a 45 mm gun.

This is a 2Pr Tank and anti-tank case Australian made by MF case factory,Maribyrnong,Vic.
Very common used in Matilda tanks and the AT Gun. (40x304R)
It has been cut down.


That looks the same

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Thanks Ron

Why would they cut it down? Also im curious if it is actually 4,5 cm at the top. Maybe it has been modified to be a pencil holder or som shit.

An example of so-called trench-art (case vandalism) and engraved for some souvenir or vase etc.
The cut at the mouth shows the thickness of the case, normally it is a necked case 40x304R .
Still nice to have if you collect these items. I prefer original cases.

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Well a 2-pounder AT gun case then. Always a good start to a collection :D

Thanks gents. I will share some more i have had come into possession and these ones are about a meter to a meter and a half in length. I am picking one up this Friday that has screw thread at the top and is about 2 meters in length. Its huge and very heavy.

Just for illustration, at some point in it’s life (the beginning) the case looked like this.

Source. internet.

40x305R_ 2Pdr_AP-_APHE_HE_England

Finschhafen - Papua New Guinea. Occupied by the Imperial Japanese Army on 10 March 1942 during World War II. Australian forces recaptured the town during the Huon Peninsula campaign on 2 October 1943.

Thanks Tim - That is very specific, so the etchings on the outside of the shell may have been done at that time?