1943 dom SmE 7.9 with 'wrong' primer

Or am I overlooking something?
Got at chance to look through a bagful of german wartime ex belted 7.9 and found this steel case oddity. Have always looked up new additions in the well-known internet reference. I realize this reference is based on box labels, and my data is from the headstamp.
The round I found was dom St+ 19 43 and it has a Zdh 30 but the packed lot should have a Zdh 88.
Sorry for the grubby picture, the cartridge is rather rusty and dirty.
I know that lots on boxes can be far away from the case lots packed in them.


Your primer is a Zdh 30/40 (made of steel and zinc coated). The Zdh 30 (brass) was copper colored to be able to tell it from Zdh 88.
From what you write I understand the cartridge was already belted and you do not have the box label.

If there is documentation assembled by collectors associating this case headstamp with Zdh 88 it does not automatically mean that ALL cases with this headstamp had this primer. Regarding primers there was no rule against changing them in the middle of a cartridge lot, as far as I know.

Sometimes both types of primers were mixed in the same lots/boxes. JH

Ok I was not aware that the manufacturer could change primer type in the middle of the lot, that explains a lot.
The ammo comes from a shopping bag full of ex belted (obvious marks on most of the cases) of about 25-28 different lots of Ball ammo. I have been allowed to look it over before it is destroyed. A few interesting bits among them are aux case lot 60 from 1940 which is lacquered steel, but the only slightly greenish lacquer. Other peculiarities are Polte from 1925, 27 and 29.

Jim, great label,

Must have missed that one.
Thanks for showing: