1943 mk1 45-70

I have this cartridge, headstamp ; WCC 45-70 Mk1 -1943- It has been sized and formed to 38-56. My camera is not working or I would have a picture. What was the parent case? domed brass colored primer , cast lead flat point projectile. does not have the appearance of being a “kitchen sink” reload. Have never seen a 45-70 with the date and MK1 designation. Was this some sort of a primer case formed for sporting use?

It was probably made for a line-throwing gun; used to propel lines/ropes between ships.

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Thank you. I hadn’t thought of a line throwing cartridge.

I have the same .38-56 but no idea who made them.

Just got through talking with Charlie Wheeler. He thought he remembered that the fellow who had them got them through Navy Arms.?

All I have is the one single & no idea where or when I got it, not even sure why I kept it other than it seemed nicely done.
No idea if Val sold that sort of stuff either, Sorry.
Hi to Charlie

Charlie thought it was Navy Arms because the guy had a Win. high wall in this caliber and he had spoken of getting ammo from NA?

Works for me.