1943 Neco 20x110 Hispano dummy

“NECO” stands for Northern Engraving & Mfg. Co., WI. So does “NOEN” according to Liviu. Why did the company change its name in the middle of the war? Also, this round has 2 drilled holes around the base and appears to have a piece of wood floating between the well crimped projectile and the base. Why?

Vlad, the company name didn’t change, NECO was used in M21 brass and M21A1B1 steel 20x110 H-S cases, while NOEN in Mk 2 and MK 4 brass 20x110 Oerlikon cases. Regards, Fede.

Many manufacturers of dummy cartridges used a wood “distance piece” within the case to prevent the bullet or projectile from setting back and falling into the case during the repeated usage a dummy cartridge was likely to see.