1943 WCC 7,9x57 box for China

May someone translate the label? (2nd picture) Unfortunately, Phil Butler’s great scans are blurred by Photobucket so they are unreadable (1st picture). My box has headstamp in the 3rd picture.





Translation from Chinese Ammunition by Elks, Page 85

Phil Butler’s photo from 7.92x57 Western Cartridge Contract for China

Brian, you rule!!! Thanks.

The character translated as “America” ( 3 o’clock) is actually
" Mei" as in “Mei Guo” …Beautiful
Country/ Nation…what the Chinese immigrant Gold Miners called it in the West Coast Gold rushes ( 1849- 1860s). And the Southern (Central) Pacific Railroad building of the 1860s-80s
The characters on the label are read Right to Left, opposite of Roman script.

Doc AV

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Left one:made in America
79 rifle point bullet
20 rounds
Right one:
(without stripper clip)
made in America
79 MG point bullet
20 rounds

But I’ve never seen this cartridge’s stripper clip

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