1944 7,9x57 German S.m.E. for training purpose only box

The previous owner has written that it is AP for training purpose only. What makes it so? What happens if one uses it in combat? Is it a defective lot for training or specially produced for training only ammo? The triaglular sticker is placed so it is visible from the front. Is it on purpose? Also, is it “ubungszwede”? My Fraktur is kindof low.

The red label is not correct. It is not armour piercing ammunition.
It is a normal SmE round. About 1940 the Germans changed the lead in iron.
The armour piercing called SmK (Spitz mit Kern)

This ammunition was from a (poor) quality that it was not used in combat.
This was shown with this sticker.

Sometimes they knew it already by the production of the cartridge.
On the label is already printed Üb-Mun.

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Great info. I did not want to challenge the handwriting on the pink label because I was told the previous owner was a big time collector. Any idea what the main cause of condeming the ENTIRE production lot could be? In my line of work underfill, overfill and double fill would be considered. Double fill and overfill can be a big problem with ammo.

Normally the precision of the bullet after firing was not in target specifications.


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Can you translate the very bottom label for me?

“Not to be fired overhead and not for firing through gaps”
I.e. the dispersion was larger than allowed.

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