1945 | 7.91 Headstamped 7.92 Mauser?

Going through some ammo cans I came across a very thin cloth bandoleer that contained 5 round stripper clips with the below headstamp. I assume that they are 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges, although they are marked 7.91. I am really interested in the manufacturer and if they are indeed 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges or possibly, for example, another closely related caliber such as the pistol calibers 7.63X25m/m Mauser vs 7.62X25m/m Tokarev calibers. Many thanks.DSC_8402

It is “7.9”, what you think is “1” is a separation bar on the headstamp. There is the same separation bar in front of “7”. This is an archaic “segmented” headstamp style, there are a total of 4 separation bars in it.

Thanks that makes sense. Any idea as to the manufacturer, “TOC”, and what “FS” means?

The letters are not “TOC”. The center figure is the Islamic “Crescent Moon with Star.” The letters “TC” stand for Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Turkish Republic in English). You also can find the letters “TC”, with the same meaning, Intertwined like a monogram, sometimes with the initials “F” on the left of it and “I” on the right of it.

The meaning of the letters “FI” has been debated for some time. The meaning most commonly given to these letters is “Fabrikalar Iskanderun” which would translate to simply "Factories (at the city of) Iskanderun. I am not at all positive that is correct, but have no alternative meaning for “FI” at the moment.

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John Moss

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Many thanks John.

To me the letters appear to read FS, which I have listed as Fişek Sirket, which translates to cartridge (Fişek) company (Sirket). I’m not at home right now so I cannot confirm my source but I believe it is from Geremy Chubbuck’s 7.9x57 book (Vol II).


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Actually - Geremy’s book lists Fişek as meaning cartridge and doesn’t offer a translation for Sirket.

I also have a copy of Ammunition with Turkish and Arabic Markings by Ken Elks


In his book, Ken list that Fişek means either ammunition or explosives and Sirket as meaning company. However, he offers an alternative meaning for the initial S, as Şube, meaning branch. Ken goes on to say that there is no evidence to support either, so it isn’t as clear cut as I initially had documented. This is why multiple sources are good.

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Many thanks.

Mayhem - you are right about the letters being “FS”. Being an auto pistol ammunition specialist, I read something that wasn’t there. The letter’s “FI” are found in the headstamp of many auto pistol cartridges made for Turkey, used by several different countries on contract-for-Turkey headstamps. One would think that since I used to collect the 7.9 x 57 cartridge in a big way, and had a little over 30 Turk cartridges with the “FS” on the headstamp, I would recognize the difference!

Sorry about that.

John Moss

We all have those days John. I’ve just submitted my PhD thesis and had many of those moments, many times for many days when doing the final proof reads!

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Darren, is your doctorate in .303 British or 7,9x57?

Neither Vlad, as I am nowhere close to being an expert in either topic. My thesis is not ammunition related.

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