1947 Bulgarian 7.62X54R

  • The 7.62X54R round has a brass cartridge case and the bullet has a red tip. What type of round is it??? According with the Warsaw Pact ammo codes, a red tip bullet shows an incendiary round. Bulgaria was a member of the Warsaw Pact which had been stablished on May 14th 1955 but the 7.62X54R round with red tip bullet is dated 1947. The segmented headstamp has impressed markings: “Lion” [at 12 o’clock position], “19” and “47” [at 9 and 3 o’clock] and the Cyrillic letters “VF” [at 6 o’clock]. The 2 Cyrillic letters “VF” show the Bulgarian ammo maker “Voinni Fabryka” from Kazanlak which used the code “10” starting with the year 1949. Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 08/11/07




Was Bulgaria loading that caliber in 1947? Is it possible that it is a re-use of an 8x50R or 8x56R case? I would carefully compare your Bulgarian case measurements against another known 7.62x54R. I will go check my Munnery book.


Red would be an incendiary-spotter round.


According to the Munnery book on Bulgarian ammo, 1947 was the first year of 7.62x54R production in that country. No red-tipped rounds are mentioned at all.

  • I do NOT have the 1947 Bulgarian made 7.62X54R red-tipped round but I saw it a few days ago. It is a 7.62X54R cartridge all right with a red tip and I double checked the interesting segmented headstamp. Thanks for the help, Liviu 08/11/07


Regretfull. I learned long ago not to comment on things which I do not see or know from personal examination. Ammunition has too many variables.


Liviu, thanks for posting the info. I haven’t heard of it before, but it is something to look for and hopefully ID. Please post any further info you get.