1950’s 410 Shotgun Shells and Boxes

I have 3 boxes of Remington Express 410 Shotgun Shells (RX4103-6) in the original boxes, one is only a partial box, the rest are full. I also have 1 box of Sears Sportload 410 Shells in the original box and 1 box of Peters 410 Shells in the original box. Both full. Wondering how I can find out the value of the shells and boxes. I heard the shells are not worth much, but the boxes might be. Can someone confirm?

Sportload Box

The boxes will have more value with original cartridges in them. The Remington boxes are not uncommon, but, do have some collector value/interest. The Sears box is a different story. I do not know anything about dating them. Regardless of the condition, 50+ year old boxes are becoming harder to find. Cartridge collectors are a small, dedicated group. When old ammunition is found by non-collectors, chances are, it will be disposed of by firing or throwing it in the trash. Good Luck!

This is the Peters Box

Appreciate the information. Is there a way to get in touch with the collector group? Not really wanting to make a killing, but don’t want to just shoot up the shells a toss the boxes when I can just buy new shells on line and potentially make someone happy.

Sent you a message

If you put these up in an auction of collectible ammunition, the full remington express boxes would bring somewhere in the range of 15-20, the sport loads 20-30, and the peters box 30-50. If you are looking to get rid of them, let me know.