1950s Assassination weapon

Just reading the book “The man with the poison gun” by Serhii Plokhy. The book covers the story of an assassin, Bogdan Stashinsky, who killed Ukrainians, Lev Rebet in 1957, and Stepan Bandera in 1959. The device used produced a cloud of hydrogen cyanide. The book states that the KGB device was a development/improvement on a German World War 2-era liquid poison gun.

Does anyone know anything about German “Liquid Poison” gun?

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I wonder if it was one of the early self defecse tear gas ‘guns’ re-purposed to shoot cyanide?

You might find something here… as long as you can translate the text, (there is a button at the top that says ‘EN’, but it does not translate ANY of the text on the pages, just the title bars).

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Very cool about giftpistole (poison pistol),very interesting, if you can read Russian. And it has connection to Ukraine, very much like present American Presidential elections.

If one of the readers should visit Berlin, a reconstruction of the double cyanide gas weapon used to kill Bandera is on display at the espionage museum near Potsdamer Platz. You must scroll down to the bottom of the page to see its photo.

The photo of the house in Munich where Rebet was killed, shows the wrong entrance. See the signpost on the right side of the photo. The top sign shows an arrow pointig to the right towards what is the pedestrian area today. Under the arcades, the door marked “Karlsplatz 8” gives access to a staircase, where the assassination took place.

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Thank you. There is one in the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.
It’s just a shame no more information about the predecessor German device…

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Thanks. Made use of Google Translate…it mentions the weapon that is detailed in the book, and a number of other references but not any early devices.

This is supposedly the thing used in the book, I wonder how different he German model may have been?


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What we see in the pictures is the improved “double gun” used in the assassination of Bandera 1959, while Rebet in 1957 was killed with a “single barrel” model.


It’s just a section in a weapons magazine, quite interesting.

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There is also a small museum inside the CIA building. I do not even dream about seeing that. My daughter told me about it.
If you want to take the CIA Museum tour, click on this https://web.archive.org/web/20070612181426/https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/cia-museum/cia-museum-tour/index.html

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Yes, I found that but could not find the entire article, nor the magazine in question…

I can buy it for you in Ukraine, only mailing will cost as a subscription to this magazine for a year)