1955: first available Winchester ammo for the .243 Win?

Greetings from New Zealand

I have a long running debate I would like some help clearing up. Does anyone know if 100gr ammunition was produced by Winchester from the get go when they introduced the .243 Winchester?

I have an acquaintance who swears blind that the .243 Win was never designed to shoot 100gr bullets, and that they came along some time later. True for the .244 Remington, but I am not convinced it is true for the Winchester rifle.

My grandfather bought the one of the first Sako L57s in .243 Win to arrive in NZ in 1957, he taught me in the 1980s, and I am sure he only ever shot 100gr bullets.

Any advice gratefully received.


The .243 Winchester (originally designated 6mm Winchester) was offered in 80 and 100 gr. loadings as shown in 1955 Western literature. I believe the Winchester brand ammunition offered the same as well.


Hi Dave
Thats very helpful, thank you. I didn’t know about the 6mm Winchester part, I googled the headstamp and have found it on cartridgecollector.net.

I don’t suppose you could possibly post a photo from the page in the 1955 Western literature? That would be great to read.

Thanks very much for your help.


Hello again
I have found the catalog on this website. Great resource! Thanks again.