1955 & later AYR Raufoss M2-AP Cal. .30 cartridges?


A large amount of 1955 and later AYR M2-AP Cal. .30 ammunition made by Raufoss was recently released thru CMP. This ammunition is brass cased & Berdan primed with the typical black AP tip. Wooden cases are marked “FROM USA FOR MUTUAL DEFENSE, PROCURED IN NORWAY BY ORDNANCE CORPS UNITED STATES ARMY”. Does anyone have credible information on whether or not this ammunition is corrosive?



Given that the US had only changed over to Non-corrosive in early 1955(for .30/06) and that Raufoss, in its berdan porimers for 6,5x55 (Swedish & Norwegian )Mauser cartridsges had been using a non-corrosive mixture since the 1930s, it is probable that the AYR 55 ammo could be non-corrosive.

I would test it out (Rusty nail test) but otherwise, if using it in M1 Garand, clean as if it was US WW II Corrosive (ie, water treatment and GI Bore cleaner of WW II.).

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And if you can get hold of .217 Berdan primers, relaod the cases…excellent Brass.


Hi Doc,
We appreciate your input. The 1955-1956 AYR AP-M2 cartridges from lot numbers 7 thru 28 have been tested by several people using clean steel but the results reported have been mixed. At present, we have no choice but to treat all the 1955-1956 AYR AP-M2 ammunition as corrosive until proven otherwise. The accepted shooters data base on U.S. Cal. .30 M2-AP cartridges using Non-Corrosive (N-C) primers is below. But very few if any U.S. shooters have had experience with the AYR Cal .30 AP-M2 cartridges until this month.

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Cal. .30 AP-M2: headstamp of first full year N-C, date of first N-C with lot number:

FA 52, 10/51 lot 887
LC 53, 04/52 lot 13158
SL 53, 07/52 lot 9467
TW 53, 02/52 lot 19776
WRA 55, 06/54 lot 22007


DAQ Canadian M2-AP: all NON-corrosive

EDIT: DaveE received a response from NAMMO: http://www.thecmp.org/forums/showthread.php?t=19913