1960's Penguin Salesman's case & multiple other Penguin item photos

Trying this again 8^)

Just wanted to share some pics of my Penguin case, two of the launchers walked off over the years but it is pretty much complete. Everything is factory inert and 60’s dated.



What an awesome case!!!


Has anyone here seen another in the wild?


oh wow, that’s a beauty, thanks for sharing.

Have you seen any others? Any idea on how many they may have produced?

thank you

No idea; I have never seen another; I’ve had it 5-7 years; as you can see “mint”; paid $1500 (cash & trade); It was brought/offered to me as I’m known for my less lethal/tear gas “chase”

you should be able to secure some of the pen cartridges/pens to rebuild/restore your case . You have the more scarce items intact

I saw some of the items from a case on gunbroker perhaps two years ago, you could see they had been torn out because the backing of the inside of the case was still attached.

So thats three…


are your 3 flare plastic boxes full ?

The far left one in your pic is missing one, the others are full and appear to have a small tape seal on them

Nice sample sets, really great !

Not Penguin, but some interesting factory inert LL stuff


First American Counter Terrorist S ystems

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Some British military CS from the 1960’s and 1970’s.
(all are empty and inert)