1967 Nam era 12g pack

This was sold to me as military issue, which I think it is. What caught my eye is “550ºF, 60 psi, 100fpm” on the side of this pack. What’s the meaning of that?

It is my understanding that these are the specs used for the packaging/sealing process. There were milspecs for this and I think it had to be on the package for review. When I was a QA Chief Inspector we often received shells in containers like this that had been opened and we had to reclassify them something less than combat ready. Don’t remember the codes anymore, except Alpha and Hotel. If a visual inspection revealed nothing wrong, they could be, and often were, used for training.

very cool
never seen one before packaged like this

what color should be the plastic case?

My service time was awhile back, but Condition Codes were as follows:
CC A: Serviceable (Issue without Qualification)
CC B: Serviceable (Issue with Qualification) e.g. CONUS only, Training only, not to Artic/Tropical theaters, etc.
CC C: Serviceable (Priority Issue) e.g. year or less shelf life remaining, starting to deteriorate, etc.
CC H: Unservicable (Incomplete)
CC J: Suspended (in Stock) true condition unknown; being investigated or inspected to be reclassified
CC K: Suspended (Returns) returned from units/users, and awaiting reclassification.

Lord Tabor10, thats good! You must not have lost as many graycells as I did!!
After thinking about the original post, I recall these packages had a cardboard box in them, with all the lot #'s and such but we repackaged (in cans) and reclassified then issued them to units for fam fire. I may still have some of the hulls because I kept a lot of them for reloading.