1975 Chicagoland Show

Thought this might be something the older folks might be interested in, here in the states.

Sorry the pic isn’t better but that was after five tries!

This little item was given out in 1972 by the Ohio Cartridge Collectors Club. Wonder how many are still around? I’'m told they were made by one of the club officers for a show.

is that Mr Moss in the middle of the pict !!!


Harrie - I was almost undoutedly at that show. Haven’t missed too many.

The guy in the middle-right (as you look at the picture) looks a lot like me, but I don’t think I was so grey-haired 33 years ago. I really can’t tell - it looks more like me now. I part my hair on the right - most men part it on the left if at all, so that fits the picture, but I can’t imagine why my picture would be in the center like that - I never had anything to do with running the show, never displayed at one so never won a trophy or anything, and wasn’t even the IAA Secretary in 1975. In short, I was like I am now, no one in partricular! It must be someone else. Who ran the show in those days? The other picture looks like Mick.

OK - Mystery solved by Otto Witt. The two guys in the center of the photo are Doug Culver and Bob Strauss. They ran the show in those days, I think.
Am always mixing up Doug with Mick. those were good shows in those days, and not so darned expensive!