1976 & 1992 Palma Match boxes


I got these because when I grow up, I want to be like Ray. Whom am I kidding!!! I got them because they were cheap, I had none and they look cool.



Hey Vlad, now that you’re hooked, you need to look for boxes of some of the other “modern” Palma cartridges. Like the 1988 Footscray and the 1999 Brit RG.

Since Palma no longer requires competitors to use “issued” ammunition, we may never see another box like them. They will be worth big bucks someday. Maybe.



Why can’t these be loaded from a magazine?


Most likely because with the 190gr bullet they are to long to fit into the magazine



Tailgunner is right. Additionally, most Palma rifles are single shot. It’s a slow fire event so there’s no reason or desire to load from a magazine.

The current approved International Palma cartridges are 308 Winchester with a bullet no heavier than 156 grains and 223 Remington with a bullet no heavier than 81 grains.



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