1982 DAG contract for the Spanish police


These cartridges are from a contract for the Spanish police in 1982. In 1981, the police requested that their ammunition was marked with a two-letter code indicating the year of manufacture. They started with AA = 1981, so this AB is 1982.

These cartridges may be found with AC headstamp too.

The box does not indicate the bullet weight, but at 12,3 grams (189.8 gr) for the cartridge, the bullet should be 7,5 grams (115 gr) or so.

This bullet profile sure gave many feeding problems with many guns; some of them, like the Star BM pistols then in service in the Guardia Civil, directly refused to feed them. But this ammo worked OK in the gun it was intended to, the Z-84 submachine gun which feeds directly from the magazine to the chamber without a feeding ramp.