1989 .45

Who made this . 45 acp cartridge?

Bob Ruebel


On my screen, the markings at the bottom of the headstamp are illegible. I blew up the picture, but the resolution was not good enough at bigger sizes to read them. Can you tell us what it says? I do not seem to recognize it at all.

Is this round a reload. The green stripe looks much like what some shooters do to identify their brass. The primer looks American to me.

Hi John,
Cartridge is a reload.
The headstamp is
1989 (12 oclock)
.45 (6 oclock)

The numbers on above headstamp (.45) do look very similar/identical to headstamps
.45 AUTO

.45 nny 83
.45 nny 85
nny .45 HP

Bob = I agree that it does not look Yugoslavian (Serbian) to me. Yugoslavia had a similar headstamp layout on some rounds much earlier than this, but the 12 o’clock entry was simply “.45” without the word “AUTO.”

To me, anyway, this is a new and unknown headstamp. Nice find, even on a reload.

More pictures. This is a tough headstamp to get a clear picture

That’s better. I see I got things twisted around, as usual. It does NOT say .45 AUTO at the bottom, but simply .45, which is what the early Yugo rounds say. The “4” is not too different from those on some of those other nny headstamps. I guess this could be Yugoslavian. I would put that at about a 50/50 guess without having the case in hand for comparison.

Regardless, it is not one I have seen before, and I have a lot of .45s, although my emphasis, other than in U.S. early double dates, has never been on dates. This one would not count as a “just a date” I think. I am not aware of another headstamp like it that is Boxer primed. The early Yugos with about the same format are Berdan.

Again, a nice one. Hope more show up.

Early ( pre-1980s) nny(PPYU) .45 ACP were Berdan Primed, 0,199" (Large Berdan Pistol) Primed. For the JNA…for the Thompsons from WW II and soon after (Tank crews with US Tanks in the 1960s).

Doc AV