1996 Louise Mandrell celebrity shoot set

A commemorative shotshell set, don’t know anything 'bout it, if anyone does, please tell me.

I understand she is a country singer & also likes to shoot shotguns.

Just google Louise Mandrell celebrity shoot, bunch of stuff about her, & her sister Barbra. Apparently these shoots are to raise money for non-profits, and have been going on for quite awhile.

So Vlad I’d guess neither of us is pretty enough to have been invited?

PS I have the same one.

Barbara, Louise and Irlene Mandrell have sponsored sporting clays shoots since the early 90’s The last one I was aware of in 2011 was not just clays but rifle, pistol disiplines as well. The Boy Scouts were the big benefactors of most of the shoots. The whole family were avid shooters. I also have a package of these shotshells.