19mm Szakats pics

Here some pics from the elusive 19mm, with its distinct knurled rim and cutout.
I had to put the Copyright on it, as even in a german publication by LIPPERT on big calibers, one of my pics was used without my permission,…(the one with the distinct solder spot on the bullets ogive)

All ammo went to the US…many years ago. I wish I still had them now :-((
here we go:
3 different projos:
closer look on the base of the last bullet above:
Headstamp closeup:

Headstamp with ruler.


Here are some patent drawings by Szakats.
The projectile’s time setting is done automaticaly in the feeding sprocket by rotating the cartridge case with a geared arch while the projectile is fixed in the belt. Hence the knurling on the rim.

cartridge timefuze timesetter

Thank you very much for this info…
Do you knew, when this patent was filed? Application date and who was the Agent, which asked for the patent??
Thx again very much


Peter, the Szakats Patents are all for his own name and date 1917 (granted/confirmed 1921-22).

Yes, they were filed on 27.12.1917 by himself to the Hungarian Patent Office.