1pr QF HE shell & Day Tracer Mk I and Mk II (drawings)

Taken from the 1915 dated Ministry of Munitions manuals titled “Cartridge. QF. 1pr Mk III Gun” and “Fuze, Percussion, DA. Impact No 131”

If anyone wants the full text of these documents, 3 or 4 pages including cover, send me an e-mail address and I’ll post them as jpg’s.



Enfield56. Great info gladly accepted. Thanks again for the documents.

Yes please, I’d like a copy also.

Amazing how intricate and complicated the fuzes were for such a small projectile.

These fuzes were designed to be super sensitive so that they would detonate on the fabric covering of zeppelins.

There were problems with earlier types of projectiles passing straight through without causing serious damage.