1st International Cartridge show & a big thank you

Well I must say for my 1st international cartridge show I feel I chose well. I didnt not know what to expect but I was completely blown away by the show and all the people I have met. I met some of the nicest, friendliest and genuine people I could have hope to have met and the cartridges were fantastic I have come home with some excellent additions to my collection. I wish I could name everyone I have spoken to but there were too many to mention and I would not want to offend anyone by missing your name of the list but many, many thanks gentlemen for taking the time to talk to me and make feel so very welcome.

I feel I must also add a big thank you to Uta for everything she has done for us all.



I feel I must also add a big thank you to Uta for everything she has done for us all.


Seconded. She did a great job in finding another venue at very short notice and organising everything around that.

ECRA International meetings are not normally so crowded but there was just enough space for everyone!

it was a great show, now looking to go to the one in Holland next year! I would recommend it to any collector who can get there. So much to see. I arranged to pick up items from people who sent me lists, if I had to look at everything I would have come away with a lot less, and maybe run out of time! A big well done to the management team!

I have been attending the ECRA meeting each fall for many years, along with some of the other European meetings. This one was one of the very best ever, perhaps the best. The venue was excellent. The organization was good with outside areas set up for food, and drinks. There was a bar inside and the lighting was better than many of the previous meetings.

Best of all were the people attending and the items on the tables. There were South Africans, Italians, Spanish, Czechs, Slovaks, Argentians as well as representatives from most of the other countries of western Europe. Some amazing stuff on the tables. Bought more than I could carry home (at 5kg per trip) so had to leave much in Germany for future trips.

Uta did a wonderful Job! Many thanks.

If you haven’t considered a trip to one of the European meetings, give it some serious thought.


Lew… I am thinking of coming to one in the US, but which one would you recommend?

St. Louis, bar none !!




You have already heard the answer. The meeting in St Louis in the Spring is the one to attend. It is the best attended. That is why it is the one that most of the non-US collectors attend.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Hi guys… just looked up on the IAA page for the next show for St Louis and it says 1-4 April 15 should that be 16? As I will need to book flights and hotel etc etc…paul.

ok sorted it was an old page which opened…thanks.