2 1950s cartridge boards

Just bought 2 1950s cartridge boards at auction. Wasn’t looking for them but didn’t want to let the opportunity go by. The boards are from Kurt Deckert in Detmold, Germany. Specialized in US cartridges.

Detmold set up shop in 1956 and the establishment still exists.

48 Patronen befestigt auf zwei hellgrünen Hängetafeln der Fa. Kurt Deckert, Detmold. Scharfe Pistolen- und Revolverpatronen aus den 30er-Jahren im Kaliber .22 kurz bis .455 Webley bis auf wenige meist für amerikanische Waffen. Maße der Tafeln jeweils 22 x 32 cm.

Enjoy. 1-76s-236845

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Kurt Deckert was the owner of a well known gun shop in Germany which also specialized in reloading equipment. I think the boards are connected to the reloading part of the business. My very first handguns (S&W M39, H&K P9S) I bought there in the early seventies.
Only the name still exists. The current owner simply bought the name and is not located in Detmold.

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