2 50BMG Cartridges ( Dummys) with no headstemp

Hi guys,

I have 2 dummy cartridges that you can see on the pictures below.
I have no information about it.

British made?

I agree. They look identical to the two rounds in my own collection.

Probably made on contract for an overseas buyer.


Manufacured by Kynoch?


In the compilation of known .50 BMG cartridges entitled .50 Cal BMG (12.7x99mm) Cartridges by Ron C. Fuchs and Ron J. Fuchs, a number of the unheadstamped .50 BMG cartridges, listed in the United Kingdom unheastamped cartridge section, are attributed to Kynoch. This includes some of the various dummy cartridges listed there in. So Kynoch is a strong possibility.


Yes, they are Kynoch. Apart from WW2 production at ROF Spennymoor, Kynoch were the only producer of .50 BMG in the UK.


Thanks alot.

But why are you thinkin, that this cartridges are from UK?

Mainly because they can be found in 10 round Kynoch boxes, but also because they exhibit typical Kynoch crimping etc.


Ok, thank you.