2,7/3mm Kolibri and 4,25 Liliput collection

With much help from Paul Smith, including his sectioning mastery, I have finally completed my Kolibri collection. The most interesting element was the finding of the 3mm Kolibri having the two flash holes, as with the 4,25, while the 2,7 only has the one. None feature more than a primer cup with compound, and the powder consistency seems to vary a good bit, from the flake in the 4,25 to a fine powder/grain in the 2,7s and 3mm. Even within the smaller rounds condition seems to have affected the powder, some seem clumpier, others almost a fine graphite-ish dust.
I am not going to try to collect boxes etc, and since in Canada under the laws as they stand these guns would now be classed as prohibited, it looks like I wont be collecting the pistols either. So this wraps up the collection.


thx for this “insight” into the Kolibri ammo.I had no knewledge about the one-hole priming system of the 2,7mm…I had a lot of boxes and ammo over the time. Now i kept only a box of 3mm and 4,25 with one round of each in it…but have still some 4,25mm left…


Great display piece.

Now you could add one of these to them.

3d printed 1:1 model of the kolibri

Peter - is your 3 mm box marked for the Kolibri or for the Erika? I have a 3 mm box with red paper label marked for the Erika. I am not posting a picture of it, because I already did that on another thread some ago.

John Moss

My 2.7 Kolibri.
There is a 3mm in the cartridge group.


have you ever shot it Bruce?

I thought about it though 😁.

What is the price range for these cartridges, esp. the Kolibri types?

Usually 2,7 & 3mm are 70-100$ US, depending on where you can find them, but I have seen them go higher outside of the cartridge collecting fraternity. Additionally I have gotten them from other collectors for as little as about 40$US, but have seen them sell for 150$US outside of the collectors realm as a firearms collectable/oddity. 4,25 is usually 30-50$s, the demand is much less for them, and have seen them go for as little as 25$US

Thank you for the reply and info.
I do have a single 4.25 Liliput, but neither Kolibi.
I dont recall what I paid for the 4.25mm, but probably not too much.