2.7cm German Kampfpistole Cartridge WW2, Projectile Contains A Pencil & Paper, River Find In Russia

I know next to nothing on this subject!

From a YouTube video, at the 8 minute mark:

Screen shots from the video:

Projectile nose removed showing contents, reported in the video to be a very short pencil and paper.

Projectile nose, folded paper & pencil, rear portion of projectile

Paper and pencil bundle

Markings on cartridge base

Can anyone provide information on this?



Brian, this is a “Nachrichtenpatrone”, means it is a message cartridge to shoot messages to neighbouring trenches.
Something we wether still have or had till recently.

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Thanks Alex!

Would love to have a reproduction of this! I have the flare pistol that fires this cartridge.

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Tom, your’s is rifled?

Here some images from Horst Thielbörger’s book:

1 2
Here the smooth bore version:
4 Wehrmacht

Here one of the post war types as in use not long ago:


Yes the barrel is rifled and the chamber is 37mm long. A GI bring back from WW2 from my Father.

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Great item and also with a family history!