2.7mm Kolibri

Can someone tell me what a complete cartridge of this weighs? Finding out the bullet weight is easy, the overall weight I haven’t seen listed somewhere. Many thanks!



Mine weighs 9.2 grains on my digital scale.

Almost 10 grains

The smallest and biggest round in my collection.


Thanks guys!



Are these 2.7mm Kolibri rounds rare/worth anything. I have just managed to Identify one in a bag of old ammunition I have.



Dutch - what is that biggest round - .50 AE? I don’t recognize the projectile.

I have seen the 2,7 mm Kolibri sold for 70 euros ( 107 $)

Wow, that is a lot of money.

I managed to have a closer look at this one today. It’s in a bag, so didn’t notice that the primer had been struck at first. I then looked at the head which looks unfired. Looking closer, it is actually a head that has been fired, probably into something soft as there is no head damage. I know it’s been fired as you can just see the rifling marks showing where the head meets the case.

Is this of use for to any of you guys collecting? Not sure it’s worth quite as much as it’s been fired. I’m surprised it has been reloaded as it’s so small.


I would be interested if you are willing to part with it.