2,8 cm Pzb 41 - fake

Sirs, just want to share with you this fake ammo.
its realization is rather coarse, especially as regards the cartridge case. the bullet, although clearly false, has something fascinating about it. the pen drawing represents the internal profile of the case, which denotes a lathe working without the use of inclined planes. the marks of the base are of absolute fantasy and crudity of realization. finally, the bottom is tin-welded on the case body. I looked on the forum if it had already been talked about but I did not find anything, in the opposite case, sorry for the duplication.

Here below, for comparison, the fake bullet with a true one on the right


What an entertaining item!
“Fake” would imply it is close to the original and could deceive somebody.
This here is more like a 3D cartoon!

Besides all aspects being absolutely wrong (wonder if the artist ever saw a real one) I really love the “chickin” in the headstamp!


Is that “Foghorn Leghorn”?


Indeed, it looks almost like! Mybe an early portrait of him?

The code „CZO“ must be famous by people who make fakes.
This “company” also made 7,9 Mauser cases. :star_struck:


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I have the solution!!!
CZO is the code of the producer “alla CazZO”, which can be translated from Italian to English with “done with the dick” :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

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I LOVE ITALY !!! :joy:

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