2 boxes 7.62 Nato looking for dates

I just got two sealed boxes of 7.62 from a local gun dealer. I’m trying to date them…

1)… box of 20 … 7.62 mm NATO. Ball, M80 Lrot WRA 22397 Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation (I found name to be 1954 - 1969)

  1. … box of 20… 7.62 mm NATO M118 Lot LC -20-23 Match Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

I got both for $10… first military ammo for me and just wanted to see if I could get a close year on these. Thanks.

If needed, I can post a pic later… just got home and it’s late.


Those cartridges will be headstamped with the year of production, so barring someone who can pin them down from the lot mumbers, that would be your best option if you can figure some way to peek at one of them without destroying the seal.

I think you are correct on the 1954 - 1969 dates for the M80 although you can knock at least one year off the front end because the first NATO headstamps did not show up until 1955, and then only on FA and LC ammunition I believe.

The M118 Match cartridges were produced from 1965 until approx 1982. After that year they were re-designated as M118 SB and are now designated M118 LR. However, to complicate things, there are boxes after 1982 that may still be marked as M118.

Sorry I can’t help more. Let’s hope there is a lot number expert reading this.


The Olin box had a little space on the top on one side and I was able to spin a cartridge around and found 65 on it.

The other box has no openings what so ever.

Thanks for the info… maybe I’ll come across the lot # on an internet search sometime.

M80 production stared in 1959. M59 production ceased in 1960. WRA production lasted from 1961 to 1970, so your box appears to have been manufactured midway in the production run. Based on the information provided the HS is most likely (+) WRA 65.

According to my notes, M118 Lot LC-20-23 was made in 1972. The HS is LC 72 MATCH.

Dave S


If you’re still there - does the current (or latest) issue of the M852 Match still have the cannelure near the case base?


I dated a box of ammo once…wasn’t particularly responsive…

Ah…wait…never mind…

Thank you!! That’s very helpful!

[quote=“Cyberwombat”]I dated a box of ammo once…wasn’t particularly responsive…

Ah…wait…never mind…[/quote]


Just figured I’d post the boxes. Thank you for the help.


Just my guess, but the box of M80 cartridges may be one manufactured by Winchester for an overseas contract.