2 cartridges... some details...?!

The cartridge with the red annulus and bullet seal is a M28 sS tracer.


D on Romanian cartridges 7,92x57 = Produced according to the German standard. D = Deutsch = German


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So, the first one is a tracer (sorry…what is “M28 sS”; is it from WW2 ?!) ! So, most probably, for MG, as I learned on this forum…(MG42 or ZB30 or ZB37…??).
AND…the second one is…I don’t know…smb told me that the “D” = ‘deseu’ (brass scrap…)…!!! And…this “D” is ‘special’ ;-); is a D" (D+"); I found not long time ago…a cartridge ‘with’ a ‘simple’ “D” (with no "). So…?!

It is a Model 28 heavy ball Tracer, introduced in 1928.
Made in month VII (7= July) of 1940

Thank you ! I learned something new… !

So, what is that D" (Mauser round #2) ? As I told you, I found not long time ago…a cartridge ‘with’ a ‘simple’ “D” (with no ") ! Which of them is “brass scrap” and which is “German standard” ??

Thank you.

My notes indicate that the “D” stands for recycled brass. Also:


Ok…but…“D"” ??
Rufus said…

D on Romanian cartridges 7,92x57 = Produced according to the German standard. D = Deutsch = German

Which of them is “brass scrap” and which is “German standard” ??

Credible Romanian sources inidcate that the “D” indicates
the use of scrap brass for case manufacture due to a shortage
of materials at the time.

Since the name of Germany is “Germania” in the Romanian Language,
I don’t see any reason they would use the letter “D” for "Deutschland"
on a Romanian headstamp.

John Moss

Ok…“D”…(?!), BUT “D"” (like on “my” cartidge…) ?
Rufus wrote this…!?


As John Moss indicated the meaning of the " D " in Romanian headstamps has been identified by Romanian sources as indicating the type of brass used to make the cartridge cases.

I believe the missing " from the headstamp of the cartridge you show indicates the headstamp was improperly made, meaning the headstamp was not properly stamped and the " is missing by accident.

There is no other special meaning to the headstamp with a missing " .


You can also find steel cased cartridges by Copşa Mică-Cugir headstamped at the same position “7·92·O”, which presumably stands for “Oțel” (steel).

Does anyone have a copy of the Romanian drawing that reportedly indicates that the letter “D” means “Deșeu”?

Thank you “in advance”…for this information…;still not found (?!) this type 7.92…“CMC” (only brass cases…), BUT…do you know who and when produced 7.92x57 mm Mauser with steel/iron (??) cases and bronze (?) tips ? (like I posted here)

Wait…is it about ''D" NOT D" ??!!

Hi All

I see that I need to verify my info.
Here Romanian HS from my collection.
With D and , D "

D" not exist, its a machine fault, Like P 1941 A 7.92 - , D "


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I would not say at all, on the CMC 1939 headstamp
you picture, that the “D” is missing thru a "machine fault."
The centering of it proves that is not the case. Being very
early in, or perhaps even before the start, of the war, perhaps
materials were so critical, and this simply indicates that the
1939 cases were NOT made from scrap brass, which is what
the “D” indicates.

The presence of lack of the quotation marks, according to a
Romanian friend, do not change the meaning of the “D.”

John Moss

Ok,meaning of correct , but

D" not exist - maschine fault, The letter D in quotes is turned to the left

,D" with two quotation marks its OK


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You are right guys. My bad ! I looked more closely at the headstamp of “my” cartridge… and…recently I found a 7.92x57 mm Mauser “P-A”, 1943, the same like the first one (the headstamp…) from Rufus, and…, indeed, the mark…is ''D", not D" ! ;-/
So…huh…what is D (simple) and what is ''D" ? The same signification ? I am still not sure, '“brass scrap” OR “german standard” ??

Once again, the few authorities on Romanian ammunition,
of which I am NOT one, say it stands for the word for scrap,
and that the quotation marks do not change the meaning.

I see no reason to doubt them. “D” for the German word for
the name of their country does not make sense to me on a
Romanian headstamp. That has all been answered above,

John Moss

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I understand . Thank you .