!2 gauge box's

I was given 4 boxes for 12 gauge ammunition 3 of them are flat, not assembled into the box.
1/ 25 Blagdon by Cogswell & Harrison London.
2/ 25 Leech’s club cartridges by Leech & son Chelmsford Essex
3/ 25 Red Rival by Anglia Cartridge Co Taverham Norwich
4/ 25 Topmark by David Nickerson (Tathwell) Ltd Lincs this has been assembled into box form.
I know nothing about shotgun rounds and less about box collecting. So should I keep the boxes flat.
Could anyone give me dates of when these were on the market as my research has come up blank, I know all Co still exist except 3 Red Rival.
Thank you for any help

I would enjoy seeing pictures, if you can.


Red-Rival Topmark

Thanks, very interesting!
I have never seen the “Gun Barel Proof Acts” label.

I am guessing with this http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukla/Vict/31-32/113 they are 1950 or before

The one piece boxes, Cogswell, Leech’s & Anglia Ctg. Co. are probably from the 1960’s or later.

The Topmark is probably, as a GUESS even newer.

As to displaying, reassemble or not, whatever you wish, but keep out of direct sunlight as that will cause them to fade.

Very cool!
And this, “… Master, Wardens, and Society of the Mystery of Gunmakers…”, it is too bad people don’t write like that today.
Takes me back to my days of reading Edwadian and Victorian poetry and stories!

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Pete thank you.

They are all 1970’s or later with the exception of the Red Rivals, the Blagdon box even has the date 1970 printed on it so that was certainly later. That same box has the phone code that lasted till 1990 so it was prior to that. The Leech & Son are another old Gunsmiths that thankfully still survive, their box is probably a little bit later (does it carry the proof laws of the back?). The Anglia Cartridge Co. They started in 1956 and closed in 1965 when they were sold to Gallyons, that box would probably be the later end on that period, say 1962 to 65 and is the oldest of the boxes you show. Nickerson’s is also still a working gunshop.

Thank you eightbore. Yes the Leech box has the proof laws on the back. Do I understand correctly the Red Rivals would be pre 1970?

Yes David, I would say between 1960/2 to 1965.

Here is another version of your box which is slightly earlier which contains 16 bore cartridges (note it states Foreign Cases) and is for RTO cases.


Hmm, I could have picked a better cartridge to show.



Thank you Mike you guys made this job easy. As I said I do not collect shotgun stuff but when people hear I collect cartridges they give me stuff, I have a small pile of shells.

Thank you again

Nice Red Rival boxes gentlemen & good information Mike.

Another slight (empty) variation as this one is also marked “FOREIGN CASES” and is also without quote marks to the Red Rival line.

To add a bit more to this rivalry.

couldn’t resist.

What is the meaning of ‘RTO’?

Rolled top opening, as opposed to a pie crimp closure.

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Nice one Pete,

;) I do miss my smilies.

So much nicer when they are full too.

As Pete said; RTO = Rolled Turn Over as against a Pie Crimp, if you look at the boxes, my box picture says “Rolled Top” and Pete’s boxes say “Crimp Closure/s”

When I was hunting, I always prefered the roll crimp paper cartridges, they just seem to shoot “better”.

There is at least one company who is bringing back paper shotshells [!], but I cannot remember who, or where I saw the advertising…

Federal, I don;t think they ever stopped making paper hulls. But perhaps I should say interrupted making plastic hulls, to continue the paper side.