2-Inch REM UMC 410 Shotshell

I have several 410 shotshells that measure approximately 1.86-inches OAL with a roll crimp and am assuming these are probably designated as 2-inch.

The headstamps are REM-UMC 410 MADE IN USA. The shells are green-ribbed paper and say KLEANBORE and MADE IN U. S. A. The shot card or top wad says 5 nc C, which I assume means #5 chilled shot.

Does anybody know the time spam when REM-UMC made these or anything else about them?



Semi related…when (2” .410) caught my eye.

There are the tear gas loads in a like size. Sorry I am not home or have notes of the H/S with me. (the green & yellow examples in my drawer)

Obviously you are on the right track with our end wad letters…but figured to chime in too.

I presume these all to be 1960’s and on their way out post the 1968 Firearms Act…at least for the pen fired application (or I should say CF ejectable ammo rounds being fired in a pen gun became “N/G” at that time)