2 new books - Multiball and Zombie Madness!

I have 2 new books just in time for SLICS. One is a full book on pistol-caliber Multiball cartridges with 107 pages (28 color photo pages), and over 30 cartridge types are described. There are also 10 different patents listed with all the patent info. That book is spiral bound and will probably come in at around $30 a piece depending on how many I order from the printer.

The other spiral-bound book (more of a booklet) to go along with my table display this year is titled “Zombie Madness” and it has 30 pages with 18 color photo pages. It describes 7 distinct anti-zombie type cartridges with about 21 variations, and also lists several “real” and hollywood anti-vampire cartridges as they relate to the current culture of zombie ammo. That booklet might be around $15.00 a piece depending on number printed.

I will also have plenty of my Pistol Caliber Penetrators book available at SLICS in both the unabridged hardcover format and the abridged soft-cover spiral-bound format. The prices are much lower at around $65 this year due to a new printer, and I will also have free CD updates with the full book in .pdf format on them for anyone who has previously purchased a book in the past from me since I feel bad about how much has now been added and updated to the book, and the price being lower.

Hi Matt
Please set a Zombie & a Multi-ball booklet aside for me plus a CD upgrade.
Sake trip & thanks
PS nice of you to do a free up-grade, very nice indeed.

[quote=“PetedeCoux”]Hi Matt
PS nice of you to do a free up-grade, very nice indeed.[/quote]
No problem. One of the problems/benefits I have found is that doing a book like that causes many new contacts, specimens, and bits of information to come forward which demands that the book be frequently updated. Also, the new printer with lower price is nice, but I feel bad for some who paid $80 - $90 for a hardcover that might have been 300 pages, when now the book is much upgraded with more photos and is 335 pages at $65.00. So the .pdf on CD-R worth $0.25 to me is the least I can do.

I think it is finally in a place where it is very nearly as complete as it can be, unless anyone has any info or photos on the Mesko 9mm AP cartridge (Mesko doesn’t even seem to know anything about their own listing for this).