2 old cartridge boards

These just arrived. A nice overview of handgun cartridges in Germany in the 60s.

Yes, the gun shop from Kurt Deckert made a lot of these boards in the 1960/70.

Take care, some of these boards made with life ammo.


The cartridge labled as 44 Russian looks way off!
Wrong caliber and way to long.
Looks more like a bastard 7,62x38R Nagant.

Very nice cartridge boards!

Yes there appear to be a few incorrect/replacement items but still great boards and thanks for the large format photo to show the details of the boards.

Vlim, can you confirm what is in the .44 Russian slot and next to that in the .38 Spl slot appears to be a 10.4mm Italian Ord Rev.(?) cartridge.

Thanks for posting the photo.


Very interesting. The 9mm Browning looks like it has a 9mm Para bullet, and the 9mm Para bullet looks a bit blunt. What is the headstamp on these two rounds. They may have been swapped!!!

Great boards. Thanks for posting.