2 pdr

I have a 2 pdr case from WWII 40mm dia. Below are some pics of the h/s. Whats the brief history on this round? Tank round…anti-tank round??? Any one have an extra projectile for sale/trade???

The h/s is light so I took several pics


This case is of Naval origin (N in headstamp) for the belt-fed 2 Pounder anti-aircraft gun. It is a scaled up Maxim/Vickers design which was replaced by the 40mm Bofors in Naval service.


  • stevef: You have two 40X158R brass shell cases used by the Navy [see that “N” mark at 6 o’clock position]. The 40X158R (Vickers 2pdr) round was used by the British 40mm “Pom-Pom” Naval AA guns and by some aircraft guns too. Too bad you don’t have the primer screws [normally the “No27IN” type] with 2-wrench holes which are very well marked. Liviu 03/19/09

A bit more info. The basis of the case design came from early in the 20th century in the form of the 1

Thank you for your replys everyone!