2 Pounder case ID


I have a brass British 2 Pounder case headstamped “2 PR NoI.Mk II F LOT 523 (9B) K (AN) N 1940 /|\ LH” The primer is stamped "636 VAD 28/42 No 27NT VAD 1942 (N8). Where in the UK was this made? Any info would be helpful.

  • You actually have the rimmed 40X158R [Vickers 2pdr] shell case for the 40mm “Pom-Pom” Naval AA gun. I have 3 similar brass cases 40X158R, all made in UK in 1942 and 1943. Your 40X158R shell case was made in 1940. Any black ink markings still visible on the side of the shell case??? The 40X158R shell case maker’s mark is stamped at the 3 o’clock position [see the headstamp]. If the letter “N” is stamped at 6 o’clock above the year of shell case manufacture, it means that your 40X158R case was used by the Navy [some of the 40X158R rounds were used by 40mm aircraft guns]. The percussion primer screw [with 2-wrench holes] from your 40X158R shell case was made in 1942 and also loaded in 1942. The primer is “No27 IN” type showing the code of the filling station, lot numbers and the date of filling. I’m trying to identify all these markings from my 3 shell cases and it isn’t easy. Only one of my 3 40X158R shell cases [all are fired] still has those black ink markings stamped on the side of the case, markings which show the facility that loaded and assembled the 40X158R round [place and date, lot number of the assembled round and other interesting info]. When you get your scanner I would like to see a good photo of your 40X158R shell case headstamp. Liviu 03/04/07


I am hoping to buy a modern HP scanner soon. I will post a scan when I get the scanner.


I have scanned my four 2 Pdr headstamps. They range in date from 1916 to 1941. One of the earliest appears to have been stamped by hand rather than by machine using a bunter.

The top right image is marked: 2 PDR. 1 1916 V.S.M and its primer screw is marked: VK K /28 V.A.D

The top left image is marked: 2PR.1 M.D.Co. 22.8.16 Z(or N) N C F , a circled 11 and what looks like an arrow inside a C (like the Canadian marks). The primer screw is marked: N0 5 I 4/15 B

The lower right image is marked: 2PR II*, VIII & SUB-CAL. I, II L.A. II LOT 79 VAEL N 1937 and what may be N2 in an oval. The primer screw is marked: GB 8/3783 PHD 5/38 No 5 II N OE(in a diamond) AV(in a square) and some government arrows.

The final image is marked: 2 PR No 1 MK II LOT 1257 RLB N 1941 LM. The primer screw is marked: No 27 IN VAD 1942 70 488 VAD 5/42

So, lots of information there, especially on the 1937 one. VSM is Vickers Sons and Maxim, VAEL could be Vickers Armstrongs Engineers Limited. 2PR II*, VIII I think refers to two different marks of guns and SUB-CAL. I, II L.A. refers to two marks of Sub-Calibre guns used for Low Angle (surface) training shoots.



Vickers Armstrong Engineering Limited, IIRC.