2 Pounder case maker ID 2

I posted a thread about this case before but never got a satisfactory answer. Anything over 20mm seems to be a real pain to identify. Shown below is an exact copy of the headstamp, drawn by hand.

Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of this case, I used to think the maker’s mark was the “LH” on the right, but now also think the “K N” near to the primer could perhaps be Kings Norton Metal Co.? To confuse matters further the “N” above 1940 could indicate naval use. The 2 markings in the to left segment look like a poorly stamped “F” and a very poorly stamped “B3” or possibly “D3” can anyone shed any more light on the manufacturer and which service used this case? I have no idea about the primer, which appears to be made in 1942. It could well not be original, as it is loose and can be unscrewed by hand. The case has been highly polished on the walls, but surprisingly the head looks to have never been polished, showing original annealing colours around the primer thread. The turning marks on the head are also very clear.

It cannot be Kings Norton as they ceased to exist around 1920 when they became part of Explosive Trades Ltd, the forerunner of ICI.

The case is made by Kynoch (K) and the “N” is as you surmised, Naval use. The primer is by Vickers Armstrong (VAD), but I am not sure which part of that large organisation VAD represents. Designs?Developments?

The other stamps are the usual Lot numbers and inspectors marks. I will see if I have anything on those later.


Thanks again Tony, I didn’t think of Kynoch. I realise now, correctly, that I have only ever seen Kings Norton made ammunition with WW1 dates.