2 pounder HV Naval Projectile

Bought this the other day, one of the many 2 pounder HV Naval projectile de banded and used as ballast weights in dockside crane counter weight. Rare to see these with original markings. What should i do about the missing band, just leave it alone. Any other details about this particular type of round used by the navy. Dated 1942, i have another de banded dated 1944 but has no paint on it. 2pounder%20hv%20naval

Projectile or Shell Not " head". The head is the Navy’s convenience room on board ship…derived from “beakhead” in sailing days, where a sailor could go into the nettings on either side of the bowsprit and Figurehead of the ship to relieve himself.

Copper drive bands removed for scrap value…after WWII steel shells were almost worthless as scrap, so a lot was simply buried or dumped. Some found use as Counterweights as you mention.

Doc AV.


I believe that 3 pounder projectiles were also scraped and used as counter weights, wondered if anything else ended up the same way we don’t know about.