2 Pounder "M.D.Co." Manufacturer ID

Today I acquired a 1916 dated 2 Pounder case for

Falcon- Congratulations on your many interesting finds.
I believe that the people working on the headstamp guide on the IAA main page are planning to add a large caliber section in the future.

A large calibre headstamp section would be useful. I think it would have to be done on a basis of a section for 20mm Ammunition, another section for rapid fire cannon ammunition over 20mm, and another section on artillery type cases.

As for the interesting finds, it is amazing what appears at these flea markets in England from lofts, garages and sheds.

M.D.Co. is the Metal Drawing Company, St.Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada.
They were a very large producer of cases in WWI, especially 18 Pdrs.


Cheers Tony, now you mention Canada I can see that the broad arrow overstamp is in a C like .303 produced by Dominion, and not a badly stamped circle like I originally thought.