2 unidentified bullets

Hi there !

I have 2 bullets that I want to identify them…(I found them in the same WW2 combat zone…most likely 1944…germans&romanians vs soviets…) .

Thank you.




The first bullet looks to be a handgun round. If I did the math correctly, that 8.96 mm would be .35 caliber, but who was using a handgun that large?

The rifle bullet is 8.17mm/.32" diameter, but I think your first image of the length was with an incorrect ‘zero’, as it shows a length of only 2.30mm,
(Unless I am more tired then I thought!), and maybe should read at least 23mm long?

I’m not sure…the question is…what weapon from WW2 could have fired the cartridge from which this bullet “came”?

About the rifle bullet…my bad…I didn’t realize…I should have reset the “electronic ruler”…sorry ! Should I get a new (‘correct’) measurement ?

I forgot to “say”… please NOTE the the “headstamp” of the rifle bullet (it’s the first one of this type/kind that I found !..)… !
The only I ‘found’ and I’m 100% sure (I also used a magnifier)… is a “P” letter in the center and a “V” letter to the “six o’clock”…and…maybe…a “H” (?!) letter to the “10 (or 11) o’clock” . The other ‘signs’, at least to the right…I think they are ‘dots’…

Somehow this bullet looks like a Lebel bullet that I found it some months ago (the same area/zone…) BUT the “headstamp” of that bullet were (is)…more ‘simple’ (a big centered “U” with a dot ‘inside’)…

#1 appears to be a 9x17 Browning
#2 is likely a 8x50R Lebel

Yes as said by EOD, #2 is a 8x50R Lebel, “balle Mle 1886D”

So, this Lebel bullet was made in France (the first Lebel bullet I found was made in USA…at least that is what smb ‘told’ me…) ?

So, about #1…could it be related to the WW2…?

and #2…related to the “headstamp” : …french production ?

#1 given it is a 9x17, of course!

So, 9mm Browning Short/Kurz would be the handgun bullet, sorry, I should not have mised that; far from enough sleep this month…