2 unidentified cartridge cases, same type...?

I didn’t see until now THIS type of “cartridges”…(cases…; the other one…the same headstamp…!)…

FN / 38 / 8 … ?

Could it be related to the WW2…?!?

Thank you .

The bottom part of the cartridge is 7.92X57 Mauser, Belgian production.
“38” is likely the year of release, 100% 2 World War II.)

Could also be 7.65 Belgian Mauser case…since front end gone, no way of telling… but possible WWII either way…
Doc AV

Thank you ! ;-)

Strange somehow: THIS type of ‘Mauser’ “cartidge” (?!?..) is…rare in this zone/place “from” WW2…ONLY 2 of them I found until (aprox. 50-60 m between them…!) now (almost the same ‘state’ and the same headstamp ‘code’) !

Here are useful detail(s)…I hope… (for a better identification…) :

This is definitely a 7,9x57: export from FN to Lithuania. 38= year, 8 could be the lotnumber. The one I have with this headstamp is a sS CNCS.
Never seen a 7,65x54 with that kind of headstamp.


Thank you ! ;-)

Really new and interesting informations for me (as I said…I didn’t find/see) UNTIL now THIS type of “cartridges”…) !

I found them in a former zone of fight (of WW2 / Eastern Front) between german/romanian forces and soviets AND most likely THAT zone was in the…romanian lines…! So, it appears to be “strange” and it’s interesting what you ‘said’ :

“…export from FN to Lithuania…”

So… ?!?

What’s meaning “ FN ” (probably the acronym of the producer…?!?) ?


As I supposed …

Thank you.

So, theoretically…this cartridge could have been fired with any weapon of 7.92x57 Mauser “family” (Kar98k, VZ 24, ZB30 LMG, MG42, MG34,…), isn’t it ?