2 unidentified cartriges (cases...)

HI ! I didn’t see until now these 2 ‘types’ of (rimmed) cartridges (cases)… Need ID/info !

Thank you .


  • 12 o’clock : III
  • 3 o’clock : 85
  • 6 o’clock : SK
  • 9 o’clock : 18
    (3+9 > 1885…?)







  • 12 o’clock : russian “L” (Л)
  • 3 o’clock : nothing
  • 6 o’clock : 916 (!?)
  • 9 o’clock : nothing




Number 2, Russian cartridge to the rifle sample 1891, vypuschenniy at the Lugansk cartridge factory in 1916.

Number 1, 11x58R austrian werndl model 1877 produced in 1887

Thank you .

Thank you.

New and interesting informations for me ! ;-/

I would like to know if one of these cartridges could have been used in the WW2, and … what gun (at least #2…) ?

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(Note : I found them in a former WW2 battlefield…but could be just a…‘coincidence’…?!?)

The rifles and carbines of the Mosin system (model 1891.1891 / 30.1938 and 1944), self-propelled SVT rifle, and automatic AVT and ABC, machine guns of the Degtyarev system, the Maxim system, as well as the SG-43 and ShKAS, , the cartridge is manufactured and used so far.

…1887 ? But the headstamp show 1885…!?!

So… III = ? (March or the ‘production batch’ ?) and SK = ?

Thank you .

Interesting somehow…old production (1916 !..) cartridge used in WW2, by the soviets…!?! (WW1 it’s simply…“out of question” in this zone…) .

Yes march 1885, a typo error…

My English is very bad, I meant that the cartridge is being produced now, and the modern version of the cartridge is actively used.

“SK” represents SERAPHIN KELLER who established SERAPHIN KELLER and COMPANY in 1859. The “SK” hs was used from c1872 until 1887. This company eventually became HIRTENBERGER PATRONEN ZUNDHUTCHEN UND METALLWARENFABRIK AG VORMALS KELLER & CO in 1897.

Could this cartridge (“SK”…) be related to WW2 or… and which gun?!?

These cartridges were used in the werndl rifle, could have been still in use in some reserve units in WW2.

These cartridges, all things being equal, are more plausible for a WW.I battlefield, so it’s quite possible the WW.2 battlefield overlays some unrecorded activity of the first war. Jack