2 unknown 9 mm cartridges(?)

Does anybody know what thes 2 cartrigdes are?

They have a fired primer.


They look like some type of internally silenced rounds.

Jaco, What is the “case” length to the step and what is the overall length and the diameter ahead of the case step?


9x19 snap caps?


Given the condition of the “primer” they have been fired quite a few times, I suspect these are not really primers but pistons that activate the cartridge. My guess is they are some version of the “Air Munition” training cartridges that were charged with high pressure air and then expelled a projectile when the primer was depressed. I will look over my Air Munition rounds and see if I can find anything similar.

You didn’t mention, but I assume they are steel. is this correct???


I suppose they are more or less similar of Air Munition. I have seen different Air Munitions, but these are different. I do not have these in my own collection, another collector has them. I’ll ask if they are steel and the dimensions. To be continued…

The inside of both cartrides can be pushed forward outside by pressing the primer inside, a steel rod comes out then.
Diameter of the case is 9,6 mm, totall lenght 21 mm. The complete cartridge fits NOT into the chamber of a 9mm Walther P5 7,8 x 21 Airmunition-barrel, the rim and bottom are sticking out. The primers are NOT live, they are just copper plates, hit several times bij a striker.

Do these fit a 9x19 chamber?

Has to made a little correction, they fit NOT in a normal 9mm chamber, stops at the rim. But they fit completely into a 9 (7,8) x 21 Airmunition barrel/chamber