2 Unknowns


Hello all,
I have 2 cartridges that I’m not sure about. The pictures of the headstamps are for the cartridge adjacent to them. On the left is
11mm Bullet Diameter
11.79 Neck Diameter
16.11 mm Rim Diameter
56.96mm Case Length
The headstamp is-clockwise N H 9(6,0, or 8) P. The Number could also be on top and read as (6,0, or 8)6. I have been told it was a 43 Spanish or 11.15x58R Spanish Remington but wanted to be sure.

On the right is
7.86mm Neck Inside Diameter
53.75mm case Length
14.25mm Rm Diameter
8.55 Neck Diameter
The headstamp is clockwise T 26. Closest thing in one of my books was a 10.15x54R Jarman.


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The one on the left appears to be an 11mm Spanish Reformado, made in the Spanish arsenal in Havana, Cuba.
The other is a Russian 7.62x54R made at Tula.


Thank you! I completely overlooked the 7.62x54R.