2 X 30-06 questions


Hi Folks please help solving these 2 questions

  1. 30-06 FMJ military headstamp PKB .30 67 a 1967 round ,who is PKB and who was it made for ?

  2. 30-06 military headstamp R . A 41 purple primer seal and a GREEN tip colour , I know who made it and when ,is this an AP, Tracer , OR ? and do we know who it was made for ?
    thanks Randy


The R.A 41 with green tip is Remington contract for Great Britain Armor Piercing. It is the standard AP M2 bullet. It was made from 1941-43.

According to Chris punnett’s book “30-06” the PKB headstamp is unknown as to its origin.


Thanks Ron randy


Hi Randy,

Could the headstamp be “PKR” instead of “PKB”

PKR stands for Akers Krutbruk A-B Sweden



The “PKB” and “PKS” headstamps appear on 30-06 ball and though it is 10 years since I published my book on 30-06, I haven’t found any info that positively identifies either headstamp. Both PKB abnd PKS are clearly the same manufacturer from the style of headstamp to the color and texture of the case, annulus and bullet. I’ve never heard/seen a “PKR” headstamp on 30-06.


Hi Guys, thanks for your input, the headstamp is definitely PKB, randy