2 x 455 Revolver questions

Both of these rounds have mark 2 cases with lead bullets, the left hand one has a Tinned primer with a cerise seal, the one on the right has an unusual headstamp type both have a deep neck cannelure


Do you want to identify the headstamps?I can’t understand what are the 2 questions

The KYNOCH 455 is a standard commercial headstamp. The K .455 2Z is a military style headstamp for a Kynoch export contract. 2Z indicates Mark 2, Nitro cellulose propellant.

Howdy folks, we were having trouble posting the photos yesterday , they were coming out way to big and we could not reduce them from Photobucket, they were posted by accident , but unfortunatly they were, and my questions are as follows,

  1. the round on the left with the tinned boxer primer and cerise seal do we know who they were made for and when . it is a commercial headstamp but was it for a military order ? and why the small tinned primer ?

  2. same question for this Kynoch round the layout is unusual was this an overseas contract ? for who and when

                  Thanks   Randy

Have you pulled the .455 round with the nickeled primer? I suspect it may be boxer primed and have been possibly made by Norma.

The right hand round could have been made for any one of a dozen or more British colonial police or armed forces in the period up until the late 1960s. I have records of plenty of Kynoch contracts for .455 ammunition during this period. For example, in 1964 Kynoch supplied both .455 ball and blank to the police force of St.Lucia.


I would concur with TonyE re the K 455 2Z hst.
The KYNOCH .455 (note the open ‘4’) is a Norma case loaded by Kynoch in 1968,1969 & 1970. In 1968, Kynoch loaded Norma cases & bullets for Northern Ireland (presumably destined for the RUC [Royal Ulster Constabulary] or the B-Specials [an auxilliary police-force]).
In 1969 Kynoch used bullets bought from Hirtenberger in Austria & the last Kynoch loading of .455 Ball in November 1970, used bullets as well as cases from Norma.
PS it’s a nickel plated primer.
Regards, JohnP-C.

Thanks Tony & John for your replies, Tony, I only have the one round so I don’t want to pull the bullet, but I agree with you I am sure it’s a boxer primer, regards Randy